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In this year so peculiar due to the difficulties related to the covid-19 pandemic, we at Tere Group have continued our research activities in the microalgae sector, activating new collaborations with Italian and foreign universities.

With this in mind, we are particularly proud to announce the publication in the prestigious international journal Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering of a work entitled "Latest developments in wastewater treatment and biopolymer production by microalgae", relating to the latest discoveries in the applications of algae for the wastewater treatment and the production of bioplastics.

The research was led by Dr. Giovanni Antonio Lutzu, our lab manager (pictured), who made use of the valuable contribution of colleagues and researchers from Italian and US universities. Specifically, the co-authors of the publication were: Prof. Nurhan Turgut Dunford of the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering of Oklahoma State University, Dr. Alessandro Concas of the Center for Research, Development and Higher Studies of Sardinia, Prof.ssa Adriana Ciurli of the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Pisa, Dr. Carolina Chiellini of the Institute of Biological Agriculture and Biotechnology of the CNR of Pisa, and Dr. Fabrizio Di Caprio of the Chemistry Department of the La Sapienza University of Rome.

The work offers a comprehensive overview of the use of microalgae as an efficient ecological strategy for the removal of contaminants from wastewater. Thanks to their versatility, these photosynthetic organisms can grow in a wide spectrum of wastewater, including those from agricultural, animal, municipal and industrial sources, while converting nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus into useful products. Currently, microalgae are starting to be exploited on a large scale for agricultural and urban wastewater treatment. However, new applications for specific types of wastewater, such as from petrochemical sources, while producing promising results, are still in their early stages. Therefore, further work should be carried out to optimize microalgae technology in light of its application to industrial settings.

Furthermore, there is also a growing interest in making these technologies even more sustainable from an economic and environmental point of view by using microalgae biomass, obtained during the wastewater remediation processes, to produce new bioplastic materials, capable of potentially replacing the counterparts based on oil and reducing the negative impact of human activities.


We proudly announce that we have been selected among the "1000 solutions that can protect the environment in a profitable way" by the Solar Impulse Foundation, a society based in Switzerland born from the visionary project of the aviator Bertrand Piccard, consisting of a solar-powered aircraft capable of take a complete tour of the planet.

Our business proposal was reviewed by an independent team of experts, who assessed it for feasibility, environmental benefits and profitability and judged it worthy of appearing in the foundation's 1000Solutions portfolio.

This concretely means that we are now part of an international network of innovators and investors, the "World Alliance for Efficient Solutions", which offer services and technologies with the aim of achieving a sustainable economy and helping institutions to develop more ambitious energy policies.

You can visit our dedicated page on https://solarimpulse.com/efficient-solutions/tere-group-srl


Are you afraid of ​​investing in this historic moment? What if you knew that making an investment during this period can cover almost all of your taxes?


With the purchase of a Tere Group plant or kit in Italy, you will benefit from the following deduction opportunities through the TAX CREDIT:

1. "DECRETO TRANSIZIONE" (EX DECRETO INDUSTRIA 4.0): in the next 3 years you will be able to deduct up to 40% of the investment, directly on the F24. This decree is valid throughout Italy and is part of an industry renewal process in favor of digitalization and automation of plants. 
The reduction is valid throughout 2021.

2. "DECRETO SABATINI" (SABATINI DECREE): by purchasing from innovative SMEs like ours, you can deduct up to an additional 12%

3. "BONUS SUD" (SOUTH BONUS): only for companies in the South of Italy there is the possibility of deducting another 45% of the investment; the expiry of the bonus, scheduled for 31 December 2020, has been extended until the end of 2021.

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The opportunities can be enjoyed at the same time, so it is clear how you can make an investment almost at no cost, if you have a business in the South of Italy, or with deductions of up to 50% of the initial investment in the rest of the country.

One of our customers told us about his need to pay 60-70% of IMU each year for his business: with our opportunity, he was able to fully deduct these costs thanks to the tax credit.


In addition to these advantages, we point out the possibility of setting up an "Innovative Start-up" through our consultants, to access financial credits with an 80% guarantee guaranteed by the State.

Our proposals start from a minimum of € 25,000.


Learn more here about the requirements for joining the Industry 4.0 call, the text of the Industry 4.0 Decree and the Sabatini Decree (the text are in Italian).


cultivation for the food and pharmaceutical sectors

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid with powerful antioxidant properties and multiple uses: it is a resource for the food, pharmaceutical, aquaculture (fish and crustaceans) and poultry industries.
For the construction of our plants for growing algae, we have developed a new industrial concept, following our scientific research on the economic performance and profitability of the microalgae production process on a commercial scale.
Our approach allows to obtain great economic benefits against considerably reduced production costs.

Learn more about the properties of astaxanthin in the dedicated section.
For details on the plants, call or write to info@teregroup.net.
(Photo: Wikipedia)

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From October 2019 Tere Group is also on the main social networks: FacebookLinkedIn, Instagram. Follow us to stay up to date on the construction of our plants, on the news about of algae, and to discover curiosities and insights on our products. In the photo the experiment shared today, the Spirulina tagliolini.

mold for pirulina pasta with tomato
spaghetti spirulina pan

Spirulina Start Up Cultivation System

Tere Group course
Tere Group course

Presentation of the kit for photobioreactors to grow and extract spirulina

Tere Group course
Tere Group course

Tasting of fresh spirulina extracted through the kit for photobioreactors

Tere Group course
Tere Group course

Fresh spirulina extracted through the photobioreactor kit

Tere Group course
Tere Group course

Presentation of the kit for photobioreactors to grow and extract spirulina


Displayed to a group of professional operators the new Start Up Kit produced by Tere Group for the cultivation, extraction and drying of Spirulina.
During the demonstration it was possible to separate Spirulina from water and operators could taste it fresh before and after drying.

The same procedure was also possible with Chlorella.


It is now possible to purchase the Kit in our store where the manual or semi-automatic version is available.

The kit can also be hired up to 60 months .

Pre-authorized and authorized areas for construction sites

gravina photobioreactor system 2

New pre-authorized or authorized areas are available throughout the Italian territory and on part of the European one for the immediate construction of the plants. The authorized areas have a building permit, so they can already be built, to immediately take advantage of the GSE incentives, while the pre-authorized areas can be authorized according to the local urban planning regulation. Here you can see the areas concerned:

Incentives for the production of biofuels

from microalgae

It is with great satisfaction that we announce that a new law recognizing an economic incentive through the GSE for the production of biofuels derived from Microalgae has come into force in Italy. The great awareness work carried out by the Teregroup team in Europe has therefore led to this extraordinary result, which allows producers to add the incentive to the proceeds from the sale of biofuels. After the extraordinary victory obtained by Tere Group and the producers of Biofuels from microalgae in the United States, this remarkable step forward is also added to Europe with the aim of reducing polluting emissions. Annex 3 of the law in the first paragraph indicates precisely the Microalgae grown in photobioreactors.

Business Forum Italia in Dubai

Minister for Economic Development Luigi Di Maio accompanies Tere Group in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to participate in the Business Forum Italia, an initiative included in the Italian system mission in the country, supported by the government. Our lawyer Luca Bagnasco (photo), our collaborator, will represent our company, with delegation for relations with the Italian Government, especially for internationalization. The mission will be divided into two days, April 15th and 16th, and is an important opportunity to increase opportunities of industrial, commercial and investment partnership for Teregroup.

The event has been organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and with the Ministry of Economic Development. During the mission Di Maio will be joined by Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Manlio Di Stefano. The initiative will focus mainly on the agro-industry, energy and environment sectors. In recent years the Dubai government has been focusing on economic diversification, through the "Vision 2021" program. In particular, Teregroup will present new technologies for the cultivation of microalgae such as Spirulina, Chlorella and for the production of pure vegetable oils for biofuel use.