Passed the law that prohibits objects such as plates, cutlery, cotton buds and straws. Greenpeace Europe: «A great first step to turn the page»

The EU Council has formally given the green light to the directive which prohibits from 2021 single-use plastic items such as plates, cutlery, rods for balloons, cotton buds and straws. Member States have also committed to achieve 90% plastic bottle collection by 2029 and plastic bottles will need to have at least 25% recycled content by 2025 and at least 30% by 2030. new rules "are a great first step to turn the page," said Greenpeace Europe.

EU Parliament bans single-use plastic: here are alternative products and materials

Towards a European Green New Deal

"With stricter standards for products and packaging - said Roberto Gualtieri, president of the European Parliament's Economic Affairs Commission - Europe is adopting cutting-edge measures to protect the environment". According to the Pd MEP "in the next legislature we must aim to strengthen further these measures, introducing provisions that prevent the generation of waste, starting from eco-compatible design, and realizing a true Green New Deal that puts the issue of sustainability environmental and the transformation of the development model at the center of European policies ".

Alternatives to disposable plastic

The formal adoption of the new rules by the Council, which took place on Tuesday, concludes the last legislative phase. The directive on disposable plastics is based on the existing EU legislation on waste but goes further by establishing stricter standards for the types of products and packaging that are among the ten pollutants most often found on European beaches. The new rules prohibit the use of certain disposable plastic products for which alternatives exist. Furthermore, specific measures are introduced to reduce the use of plastic products that are more widely dispersed in the environment. One of the main objectives of the directive is to reduce the amount of plastic waste we create.

One Italian out of four has already said goodbye to plastics

According to an analysis by Coldiretti based on Eurobarometer data, released on the occasion of the approval of the directive by the EU Council, in Italy one citizen out of four (27%) has already avoided buying disposable plastic items such as plates, glasses or cutlery whereas 68% believe that it would be appropriate to pay a surcharge for these products.

100% biodegradable plastics obtained from algae

Teregroup in collaboration with Algamoil presents 100% biodegradable plastic made with algae.

Here are some examples:

example of bioplastic
example of bioplastic
example of bioplastic
example of bioplastic
example of bioplastic
example of bioplastic
example of bioplastic

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