Tere Group is a company with a strongly ecological view and it has a share capital of € 250,000.00. It was created as a result of the collaboration between Russian and Italian partners with more than 30 years of experience, coming from the electronic, energy and technological sectors; it operates in the biotechnology sector, uses high-tech machinery, advanced equipment and highly qualified personnel; it produces and sells a complete line of plants and accessories to develop renewable clean energy, thanks also to research and experimentation acquired with the collaboration of Universities from all over the world. The company designs, produces and sells according to ISO9001 certified quality systems.

We specialize in the production and marketing of CO2 filtration systems, Spirulina, Chlorella, Astaxanthin, Omega 3 and for the production of pure vegetable oil for biodiesel from algae. The modern structure is equipped with special production areas and areas for training, where specialized technicians can exhibit and teach the use of green technologies. Our distribution network is present in several countries with direct offices or local distributors.

We come from tradition, culture and technical training and we have been working for many years in the design and construction of industrial plants: to meet the numerous requests from customers sensitive to environmental issues and new technological applications we have approached the world of renewable energy. Our services, always developed with high quality and technical requirements, prove to be efficient thanks to the special care of our technicians, trained and oriented towards maximum respect for the customer's goods and properties.



Via Pietro Giardini 476/n
41124 Modena Italy



Via del Tirassegno 40

41122 Modena Italy

Tel. +39 059 4823699