A collection of videos about our participation in biotechnology events, newscasts, demonstrations of our products, and more.

Congress at the La Sapienza University in Rome
"Punto Europa"
on Rai2 (Italian national television channel)
World Efficiency
in Paris
Festival For The Earth in the Principality of Monaco
Trieste Next 2017
Eurotier 2016 in Hannover, Germany
3D printing with biodegradable microalgae wire
Approval of the Gravina plant, in Apulia
3D render of a Teregroup plant
Agro Tv (Bulgarian TV channel)
BTV (Bulgarian national TV channel) - Agroforum
Round table discussion on Sky912 and Italia Channel during the Algamoil event of 25 June 2014
"Tg1 Economia" on Rai2 (Italian national TV channel)
"Prodotto Italia"
on Rai3 (Italian national TV channel)
Algamoil conference in Detroit, USA
Biodiesel test on a Sikorsky Mh60 helicopter
Algamoil biodiesel test on Lombardini engine